Michelle Yeoh Hairstyles

Michelle Yeoh red carpet hairstyle.

There are a handful of Asian actresses that have made it big in Hollywood. Especially when photographed on the red carpet during a movie premier or an awards show, many of them are standouts. Michelle Yeoh hairstyles get the nod not only of people in the US, but also around the world where she has become a household name.

Michelle Yeoh deep brown hair.

What's making her striking when photographed is her long and deep brown mane - typical Asian hair. Born in Malaysia, she always showcases her exotic appeal and elegance, drawing attention to especially her hair. She has worn her hair anywhere from straight, wavy and bouncy to a classic bun.

Michelle Yeoh long straight hairstyle.

Michelle Yeoh wavy hairstyle.

Her oval shaped face allows her to pull off just about any 'do she goes for. It's evident in the various characters she has portrayed in movies she starred in. Some of them include 007 Tomorrow Never Dies, The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Babylon AD. Of course everyone knows she was also in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

It's not surprising that in 1997 she landed on People Magazine's list of 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. Michelle exudes confidence not only in her acting prowess but also in her Asian beauty. She proved that you can be Asian and exotic looking and still be deserving of the spotlight.

Many girls are emulating her, especially when it comes to the physical appearance. No matter what 'do she sports, you can tell she's proud of her being a brunette. It's no wonder why many teenage girls and adult women look up to her and admire her beauty and elegance that's truly one of a kind.

Michelle Yeoh stylish hairstyle.

There had been many Michelle Yeoh hairstyles around, each one of them undeniably stylish. Whether portraying a character in a movie of sashaying on the red carpet, this popular Asian actress obviously celebrates her beauty.
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